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Originally Posted by neuhickman79 View Post
They're also adding a parking garage, central terminal, new separated arrival and departure roadways, a people mover, and a hotel! That's pretty good for 1.3 billion!!! The importance of this project cannot be understated...every last bit of it! If you think that in 2007 that that is too much money, take a trip down to the local gas station and check out the price of gas...or go see how much the cost of construction is and tell me that these multiple MAJOR projects are not worth 1.3 billion. To me, they totally are!
I think you misunderstood me. Since it cost so much money to build a new terminal and its importance to the region, SMF should ensure that the new terminal be viable for many many years to come. With addition of only 5 more gates, how many years would it take before there is need for another expansion? I think its far more economical to build a new terminal with 30 gates and let the airlines gradually fill it instead of just adding 5 more gates and having to do this process all over when capacity is reached.
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