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Tech investors and VCs in general have learned a lot from the ridiculous investments of the late 90s. Also, don't forget that the population of San Francisco has been rising fast, and will rise even faster, even in the event of a tech bust, simply due to high population growth in California. Look for more growth when/if the immigration bill is passed, since the juicy part of the bill is giving more work VISAs to rich foreigners looking to do business in the valley/SF.

Speaking to the Transbay Tower in particular, the developer gave the city a $200 million check and is planning to finish the tower 10-14 months early. This tower was never meant to hold tiny startups anyway.

Facebook has been a household name for 8 years now and is 100 times larger than myspace ever was, predicting the demise of its business/business model simply because some financial people overpaid on its IPO year ago is way too doom and gloom. They are making an estimated $1.2 billion in advertising revenue in Q2 2013 alone. The fear that facebook couldn't transition its model to mobile has been proven false, as 30% of facebook's ad revenue is now from mobile, which is still growing dramatically faster worldwide than desktop facebook.
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