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Originally Posted by ajiuO View Post
When did the church take position of that block?

Why would you assume that they would never sale it or allow a hotel to be built? The whole block is surface parking... It's a waste of space. They could easily fit the same parking area underground or on a multi-level garage on one corner of the block. I could understand them not giving up the plaza hotel block because they have building on it... But having a whole block of nothing isn't doing the city any good... And considering the large investment that they are putting in to the city I can't imagine them standing in the way of something that could bring in more people and more $'s.

That land is reserved for future BYU Salt Lake Center Campus and LDS Business College expansion. Back in 2006 before the LDS church brought out the Triad Centers their original plan were to build their college on that parking lot to the east.
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