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That land is reserved for future BYU Salt Lake Center Campus and LDS Business College expansion. Back in 2006 before the LDS church brought out the Triad Centers their original plan were to build their college on that parking lot to the east.
I think a location on West Temple, 100S or 200S would likely be better anyway. While the mentioned location is currently only a parking lot, and it is across the street from part of the Salt Palace, it isn't near any of the major entrances to the Salt Palace. Furthermore, I think it would be more beneficial to the city to have the hotels nearer to commercial areas which are all located closer to 1st and 2nd South.

Several people have mentioned how they want more a retail connection between the Gateway and City Creek. I actually think that is a very poor idea right now. If such retail were created right now, it would kill Main Street for a very long time, in that people would walk the corridor on South Temple to the Gateway and back to City Creek. Until there is more traffic downtown, the city couldn't support other retail (outside of the malls) on both Main and South Temple without one suffering badly. I think it more crucial to develop Main south and then as the population increases we can worry about South Temple West. By that point the LDS Church is likely to have expanded BYU SLC and BC and will likely take up most of that city block, increasing the student presence right downtown. Thus in my mind, in the long run, creating a win-win with the wished for mega-hotel as well as younger and more vibrant residents.