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Originally Posted by Old&New View Post

However, if there is a gap (not the retail store) along the way, or if that galleria becomes a parking lot, it can easily derail the shopper and possibly end the shopping spree all together. Placing the hotel on the Royal Wood Plaza location has the potential to bridge the gap on 200 South and promote the development of undeveloped parcels nearby. There are already plans to fill the South Temple gap in with a BYU Salt Lake campus, so the North side of the convention center is covered.
Agreed. I've discussed the need to develop some connection between Main and the Gateway for years now and am probably sounding like a broken record. The western area of downtown has no symmetry - at least not until you get to the area around Gateway.

No one is walking from Main west to the Gateway and no one is walking from the Gateway east to Main. They're working independent of each other and that's a big shame. For downtown to really become viable, we've got to get foot traffic down 200 S & 100 S between the two major retail centers of the city.

If we don't, then I suspect downtown will continue to have its growth stinted.