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Originally Posted by ajiuO View Post
Your kind of stuck at a no win situation there.. 100 south and south temple are the 2 main streets leading to the gateway. You cant really do anything with 100 south because the salt palace devides it. Once you get past west temple, south temple is about as boring as it gets. You have the plaza, a whole hell of a lot of parking lot, and the raw side of the salt palace. Then the salt palace once again devides 200 west.

I'm telling you as long as the sAlt palace is there, there can't be any flow between the 2 areas. You can't have something that divides and isolates the city like that so close to it's heart. There is a lot of space west of the gateway and rio grand that would be perfect for redevelopment for the construction of a new salt palace. Then you can open the city up, revitalize Japan town or something... Give people something interesting to flow through.
It all depends how it's built up in that area. Look at 200 S between Main and the Gateway:

That to me is a far bigger issue right now than the Salt Palace. I agree, it's not exactly beneficial to the core. There is no retail and becomes a dead zone when there isn't a major convention in town.

But it's there to stay and I'm not ready to concede the area solely because the convention center was built in a bad area of downtown.

Look at all the parking on that map. That's what breaks up each block. No one wants to walk down 200 S when, every few steps, they're facing either a vacant building or a large lot of cars.

This, in my view, is where we need to push residential development - especially mixed-use. The more people who live there and can shop there the more foot traffic we're going to see in that area.

I also think the proposed streetcar line down 200 S will be a huge improvement for this area. That alone is going to give more foot traffic to the area. It needs it. If those parking lots and suburban-style buildings are developed into more urban, walkable projects, 200 S certainly could be more active and centralized than it is already.

Then people will want to walk from Gateway to Main and vice versa.

Regardless, if we don't do something, the growth downtown will be stinted and twenty years from now, we'll be rehashing the exact same debates.

Yes, the Salt Palace should have been developed outside the core, or at least blended more into the downtown area, but it is what it is. It's now a necessary evil and we can't concede that future development in that area won't work because of it.

If we do, then we might as well give up on downtown.