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I'm thinking to myself... I wonder what my first impression is going to be of all these people? And what they'll think when they see me? I think my impression of Ayeronaut and Copes will be, "****, you're tall!" - just guessing based on the fact you're not islanders. It's a thing that happens over the generations - not just to people, but all flora and fauna. Greek islanders are far shorter than the mainland average as well.

Jeddy I think will be about my height and I picture him laughing under his breath as much as I do, ha! And we'll probably, I assume, be able to turn our heads and talk to each other such that you two are like, "WTF are you saying?"

And I think your first impression of me will be, more or less, "Holy shit, you're bigger than I expected. I don't necessarily mean fat, really, I just mean... bigger. You look like you could beat me up, even though we all know you can't, ha!"
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