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I won't complain that it's a box... I might get criticized for my opinion... LOL. But as boxes go it'll be a nice addition to that portion of Broadway. It'll certainly expand the skyline westward towards Mid-town. The proposed hotel in that same stretch will give a nice transition from the lower portion of Broadway to I-40.

Looking at the first picture I can't help but imagine what that picture would look like if the WES (sorry to bring that up) had been built. I also hope that eventually the Beaman car lots will be sold to further develop the transition area of downtown and mid-town with office, residential, retail and hotel properties. Quite honestly it would be an ideal location for an inner city mall. Not a gigantic mall but more of an Urban Centre to serve the growing residential population of downtown and mid-town with an Target, Marshall's or TJ Maxx, Walgreens, Best Buy or HH Gregg and some specialty stores.
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