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Stephenville Moving in Right Direction: Mayor
Frank Gale - The Georgian/The Western Star

Mayor Tom O’Brien said there are four active files in relation to new industry...

...Using the smolt hatchery as a benchmark, he said one of the potential businesses would involve construction that is larger than the hatchery. Another would have the same number of jobs comparable to the hatchery (upwards of 12 full-time people work at the hatchery with 12 to 20 part-time workers). And one of the others would create up to 50 jobs...

...the town will soon be requesting proposals for a new Minnesota Drive subdivision...This will be a phased-in development, which will eventually have 150 residential lots and four hectares of commercial space...

Ths 150 lots and 4 ha of commericial space would be the largest residential development since the mid 70s and the largest commericial development ever. So I had a little fun and will try to show some of why this is awesome for my little town that I don't get to spend as much time in as I would like to anymore (and I obviously have some sort of strange affinity for).

Uploaded with

The section(s) outlined in:
Orange: The area proposed for residential/commercial development
Red: Hospital and health related offices/administration
Blue: College of the North Atlantic buildings, both classroom and office space
Pink: Middle School
Green: recreational areas (soccer, baseball, playgrounds, pool, gyms, tennis etc...)
Gray: Current residential area under development

Most of the residential development taking place now is west of this zoomed in sattelite image. Most industrial operations and new development is to the east. Naturally this creates havoc at 4:30 each day and traffic gets backed up from Main/Queen in the lower left to Carolina Ave in the centre as people drive East-West to get home. Minnesota Drive can handle much more traffic than it currently has, so this could help alleviate the twice daily bottle neck that is trying to get to the "Base" side of town, if workers relocate to this new subdivison. And it could help bring down the ridiculous price of building lots ($50-$60,000 for a LOT in rural NL? How the hell am I supposed to eventually move home?)
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