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Originally Posted by polemic View Post
Obviously, New Orleans is a long-shot (but should try anyway). I would think that the best strategy for NOLA would be to offer $0 in direct subsidies to Amazon. We're never going to win the direct subsidies game, and so it's not even worth competing on a playing field we won't win. I think we should instead offer a package of (a) free land made up of City Hall, Duncan Plaza, Library, Charity, Old University Hospital and the vacant land around it (basically, the block bordered by Loyola Ave., Poydras, Galvez, Gravier, Claiborne, Cleveland - but excluding the office towers on Poydras and Tulane Medical Center); (b) and a promise to build an elevated rail line (like Miami's rail system) connecting MSY (perhaps even farther to the Pontchartrain Convention Center), Elmwood, Jefferson Hwy., Claiborne, Bayou Rd., Gentilly Blvd, Elysian Fields and Leon C. Simon until the Lakefront airport); (c) perhaps some other street car lines connecting close-in neighborhoods into the system (LGD to the CBD; extension of the Rampart line down St. Claude; Tulane Ave. connecting to West End Blvd.); (d) a partnership to build a Computer Science satellite campus for a couple of the best universities outside the US - perhaps National Univ. of Singapore and ETH Zurich -- that would have partnerships with Amazon (they could be based in the old Charity Hospital building right on the campus). While the campus was being built out, Amazon could use the Plaza Tower. Yes, we would offer to freeze taxes on any development that Amazon builds but we wouldn't offer the kind of job creation tax credits other cities will offer.

It obviously probably won't be enough. I don't see how we can compete against Austin or Chicago or Boston. But I think we should be forward thinking rather than stuck in a 20th century mindset.
i dont think there is anything wrong with trying.. if anything it helps us sharpen our skills for other business pitches.
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