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Originally Posted by buckett5425 View Post
It has always been my assumption the new expansion is the first leg in creating a new full concourse that matches the other two. The airport is half a$$ing it in my opinion, with the intention of actually building out the full concourse in 15-20 years.

See link with diagram, this is by no means official, but gives an idea.
This was probably based off of one of the preliminary designs, but is not the plan currently. There will be at most a linear wing to the east that mirrors the one being built on the west side, which would bring the terminal to 40-42 gates. The thing is, if traffic grew enough to warrant more gates than that, they'd need to build an entirely new terminal or keep part of the old terminal in operation, because it would exceed the TSA processing capacity of the main terminal, not to mention check-in and baggage claim.
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