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Originally Posted by EastVanMark View Post
Thanks Giallo for posting those! Can't believe I've never even heard of a couple of those places! Great to see some unique independent restaurants popping up in the city.

And as for the food carts, it just goes to show the kinds of things that can happen when you remove the shackles of overbearing bylaws. Remember, those food carts would not have been allowed a few years ago.
No problem.

I've become a bit of a food nerd (living in Asia, and being from Vancouver will do that to you), so I'm actively looking for new places to try when I return home. I too haven't eaten at a couple of these places (Jethro's and Red Wagon), but, man, do they look good. The only problem is living so far away at the moment. It looks like I'll be relocating to Los Angeles (another foodie paradise) at the end of the year, so it'll only be a two hour flight home rather than the 10-12 hour flight I currently have to endure.

Food pictures are always welcome, guys. If any of you feel so inclined, post 'em!
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