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Originally Posted by zuelas View Post
I was excited when i saw the listing for a new 1000+ ft proposal for NYC. Then I saw the design and was extremely underwhelmed. It's as though the architects made a very tall box then cut out 2 small sections from the top.... and that was it, nothing else. I was very surprised to see everyone exclaiming their excitement over the bldg. Yeah, it's tall but what else? Trust me, I'd take it for my dwntwn in a heartbeat, but is it exceptional for NYC? You'd think there'd be room for creating something striking in this market for the '3rd' dwntwn of manhattan. Blehk....
This is modern NYC architecture. The building is a poster child for a new breed of buildings (green). It's tall, innovative, and beneficial to the enviroment. Plus its a supertall without a spire.

IMO, it's just what the doctor ordered.
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