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Hahaaaaaaaaaaah Mglan. Me too. The first time I saw it I think I was picturing in my mind like a 4-story building. Now, tho.. if you look at the height of the building perpendicularly to the size of the block, it's nicely proportioned for the area.

Maybe it can block out some of that Super Nintendo tape they built a couple years ago.

FlyersFan: Why the HELL hasn't Philly gotten that picture? It's so apparent that if it works for a shitty little city in the same MSA right down the street with the same demographics, etc.. It can work for the big guy up the street.

I just don't get it. They need to purge city council and get a new Mayor. Rendell is the man.

The last dude who ran for Mayor last year was a bail bondsman.
his motto was "Bail out the City." A good number of crackheads actually voted for him too.

There goes the neighborhood

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