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I'm guessing this has already been posted ref: CityCenterDC, it's the property's site, and there's a cool video as well as other info.

I took some pics of the start of construction, and hope to update the progress every once in a while.

Looking toward 9th street from H.

Looking at NY Ave from H, not much of the once huge parking area left.

11th street on the left and intersecting with NY Ave in center. Just to the right(above the construction trailers) is 10th St ending at NY Ave.
Not much happening yet, but the landscaping, parking lot light poles, and walkway which had bisected the area following 10th street's old course are now gone.

The little building in the middle of the pic the next block up was one of the taller ones above NY Ave when I started working in the area a dozen years ago.

I'll try to get some more in a couple of weeks.
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