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Ummmm, not to be rude, but at this point I think boom needs to be added to the thread title.
This is exactly what I was thinking. The developers are partying like it is 2006. I drove up 14th Street last night and there are several large developments under construction there. As seen in the photos, development has started on the City Center site. There is residential development under construction on the H Street, NE corridor. As you noted, there is still massive development in Southeast by the US DOT and the Nationals stadium--the Foundry Lofts ( right by the beautiful new waterfront park are coming along nicely. Along Wisconsin Avenue, a place usually opposed to any new development, there are either projects planned, under construction or about to start construction.

Regarding the area by the Nats stadium, Christopher Leinberger noted in a recent discussion that land at the Southeast Waterfront sold for $7 per square foot in 2000-2002 (most likely used as gravel lots or to park vehicles) and by the height of the boom in 2007 the same land was worth $700 per square foot.

--Ex-Ithican: Thank you for posting these photos. I went by there last weekend as was going to take photos but didn't get a chance.
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