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Originally Posted by caltrane74 View Post
Wow, I didn't know all you guys didn't have highways in your cities. - Even Hamilton, which is about the same size as Winnipeg, has 4 (major )highways running through it and around it. - Very scenic highways I might add as well. - The LINC, and Red Creek are very nice.
One thing I learned the first time I drove through southern Ontario - that region has far, far better freeways in the cities than the rest of the country. I'll never forget my first time in K-W, marveling at what seemed like insane freeways for a city of 3-400,000 (at the time). Compared to places like Winnipeg, Calgary or Edmonton, which were more than twice the size yet had nothing on that level.

I realized as I got older than things were a bit more complicated, but at the time it sure reinforced my western stereotypes of "Ottawa spends all the money in S.Ontario and ignores the west". Seriously - to this day Winnipeg has nothing even remotely comparable, and Edmonton/Calgary are just getting to that point over the last 5 years or so (Deerfoot had traffic lights on it as recently as 6 years ago).

Hamilton at least made sense given its proximity to Toronto etc, and the fact that it's the corridor to the US and Niagara. But K-W just seems so "out of the way" to have a couple of major freeways servicing it. At least from a western perspective. It felt very American - every town over 10,000 people has a freeway in it if you stick to the Interstates.
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