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Originally Posted by Elmira Guy View Post
Kitchener-Waterloo only has one "freeway" (Conestoga Parkway) which services the city on a west-to-east at the south end of Kitchener, and south-to-north along the east side of Kitchener and Waterloo.

The 401 is in close proximity (running west-to-east essentially dividing Kitchener and Cambridge. While the 401 can be used to go from certain parts of Kitchener to certain areas of Cambridge, it is not a freeway which is dedicated to the area, other than to connect it with the other major cities in the corridor.

Another point. I don't know how much time you've spent in K-W, but in case it hasn't been much, the street layout in this city/cities is beyond bizarre! Two of the main streets which run parallel to one another almost throughout both cities, cross one another TWICE in Waterloo, and then marge without notice in Kitchener.

While I don't drive, it is undeniable that the "Expressway" (as it is locally called) enabled the region to become much more prosperous. Hopefully we can get the LRT happening, and improve the area even more.
Oh Weber St.. Sooooo confusing.

Not to mention the main street (King) has a King St N, King St S, King St E and King St W. The road does not go in a circle.

Planning in KW is so odd in the sense that it's a grid in both Kitchener and Waterloo, but one grid is the typical N-S, E-W grid, and then move into the other municipality and it looks like an 'X'..

Also, the Conestoga Parkway is one (I know it as 85), but wouldn't you also include the 8 as an expressway?
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