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Originally Posted by llamaorama View Post
What an interesting city compilation. I have never heard of this city before, that part of the world is such a mystery. Kind of looks like pictures I have seen from the cities of Kazahkstan.

Good luck, I hope your city continues to grow. What caused the boom in what I assume is speculative development?
thanks dear , the boom which has only started in 2005, was the fall of Saddam which was a threat to this region before he was thrown off . this defacto state region alone has 200trillion cbf of gas and 60 billion barrels of oil.

6 Escalated (Electric) bridges under construction

cost: $1,049,000
company: Vizoni
completion date: 26/11/2011
total: 6 bridges , 2 on Raparin road, 3rd in front of the Govornate building, 4th in front of Baxtyari bus station - malik mahmud road, 5th in front of department of education, the last one in front of Bernard building in Chwar chra suburb.
((De facto)) South Kurdistan

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