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In other Moynihan related news...

Moynihan Station development office to be folded into the Port Authority

Juliette Michaelson
October 19, 2011

In nominating Pat Foye to be Executive Director of the Port Authority, Gov. Andrew Cuomo also called for consolidating the Moynihan Station Development Corporation - the state agency in charge of developing the new train station - into the Port Authority.

The Port Authority has been involved with Moynihan Station since early 2010, when Gov. Paterson charged it to manage the construction of the station hand in hand with MSDC.

A full transfer to the PA and the likely dissolution of MSDC makes sense as the project moves into a construction phase. (The PA has more experience managing construction than MSDC, most recently at the World Trade Center). A construction management team was recently hired, and construction bids from several prequalified bidders were solicited earlier this month. Bids are due back in early December, and work would begin in the late winter.

In addition to the PA's construction-management experience, the Authority might also be able to provide more funding to Moynihan Station than cash-strapped New York State.

Cuomo Shuffle Gives Port Authority A Midtown Push

By Adam Lisberg
October 20, 2011

By naming one of his deputies to run the Port Authority yesterday and putting the agency in charge of building an expanded Moynihan Station in Midtown, Gov. Andrew Cuomo put another footprint in the center of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s New York City.

In a statement, Cuomo said taking Moynihan Station away from the Empire State Development Corp. and putting it into the hands of the Port Authority was simply a matter of fiscal prudence. The Lower Manhattan Development Corp., which is still disbursing federal aid downtown, will also be subsumed into the Port Authority.

“Too many different agencies doing the same or closely related work makes little sense,” Cuomo said. “The Port Authority is best situated to oversee the development at Moynihan Station and the orderly wind down of the LMDC and these changes will consolidate responsibility within the Authority.”
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