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At the end of the day, the non transferable air rights that currently occupy the block that houses Penn Station and MSG are way too valuable to be left undeveloped.

Unfortunately the Dolans opted for a renovation as opposed to a move and a new arena. But with the snow ball pace of the convention center deal, the immense value of that real estate as residential, or mixed use of some sort, and the fact that MSG just finished their renovations, I really doubt that the timing would line up for the garden to move to where the Javits is now.

With that in mind, a move to the Farley Post Office seems to be the most logical place. The Far West Side where the Javits Center is now, will develop into a great neighborhood on its own because of the immense amount of park space that will be built, some of which is under construction now. But that stretch along 9th Avenue could really use a boost like a new arena.

I just hope the Dolans realize that the Far West Side/Javits Center site, and the Farley Post Office Building could be their last real opportunities to relocate to a prime site within Manhattan. But given that it's the Dolans, I'm expecting the worse, which is for them to stay put.
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