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We start this update with more jobs moving downtown!

T.W. Garner Food Company Headquarters Moving Downtown:
The company that makes Texas Pete Hot Sauce, Green Mountain Gringo Salsa and Tortilla Chips, along with Chilli, other types of chips, and a number of other sauces for seafood, buffalo wings, and mustard sauce and Sriracha, is moving it's headquarters to downtown. T.W. Garner's Texas Pete is among the top three hot sauces in the United States. I'm guessing they are the tenant at 760 West Fourth, but that is only a guess. 760 West Fourth is a mixed-use building that could reach 11 storeys in height, with residential, retail, and office space. They have already taken core samples and cleared the site for construction. We'll see if this is the tenant or not? This is an exciting time for office construction downtown.

Rock the Block is Now Texas Pete Culinary Festival:
One of the Carolinas largest street festivals, at 50,000 visitors, is now the Texas Pete Culinary Festival. This will be a multi-day festival and will include live music and much more. This was part of the announcement to move their headquarters downtown.

New Sculptures Downtown by Chuck Ginnever and Beverly Pepper:
The Milton Rhodes Arts Center has announced the installation of art work from Chuck Ginnever and Beverly Pepper. Their work is seen in major museums and sculpture gardens around the world. It's awesome to have work by them for everyone to enjoy downtown. This is in the Theatre District, across from the proposed hotel site.

Richard Emmett is the New Program Director at Winston-Salem's Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation:
The Winston-Salem based Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation (yes, this is the organization on the license plates) has announced that Richard Emmett is their new program director. He sees their 4,000 seat amphitheatre and 125 seat indoor theatre at the Blue Ridge Music Center as becoming a major attraction for the Winston-Salem metro area in attracting roots and Americana music fans to the area.

West Fourth Office Building:
Could this be the new J.P. Morgan Chase Building? Not really sure, but I do know the cladding is being installed! Downtown Winston-Salem's Village District is really growing fast. 760 West Fourth is proposed across the street from this building (see T.W. Garner HQ paragraph at the top of this post). There is also another building that could reach between 9-12 storeys proposed a block or two down Fourth Street from this building in the Village. Thank you to forum member roediger house (Ray) at WSTB for providing this photograph.

Originally Posted by roediger house @ WSTB
Merschel Plaza (Civic Plaza):
Voters will soon be asked to approve $3 million in bonds to build a city park with parking located under it, now known as Merschel Plaza. The park will have an amphitheatre. This is expected to become the underground parking for two highrise (city is asking developers for 15+ storeys on both buildings) development sites. One of these two highrise sites is already attracting interest from Arden Development Group. Some people are asking could this be a Sky House site? I guess we will see what they do here. For now, if you support the development of two new skyscrapers here, please tell everyone you know to tell their councilperson to support the $200 million bond package and be sure to vote for it! We need your vote!

Union Station and the Streetcars:

Source: Winston-Salem / Forsyth County Public Library

The $200 million bond package includes the $18.3 million to restore the historic Union Station as the streetcar transfer station and maintenance yard. If you support Union Station restoration and the streetcars, tell your councilperson to support the $200 million bond package and be sure to vote for it.

The famed architectural firm Fellheimer and Wagner designed Winston-Salem's Union Station in 1925. The well-known railroad station architectural firm was only two years old at that time. Winston-Salem's new train station appeared in national magazines when it opened, as a beautiful showplace. According to state historian Catherine Bisher, Union Station was built by "Southern, Norfolk and Western, and Winston-Salem Southbound lines at a time when Winston-Salem was the richest city in the state." Winston-Salem was also the state's largest city back then. It is the state's tallest multi-storey train station. They have an agreement for the 12-county regional transit agency (PART) to move their headquarters to the second floor after completion.

Bond Package Provides $15 million to the IQ District:
If you support continued development of the IQ District, tell your councilperson to support the $200 million bond package and be sure to vote for it. The $200 million bond package provides $15 million to build infrastructure for 6.5 million square feet of tech office space, 300 hotel rooms, thousands of apartments/condos, and beautiful park spaces with signature pedestrian/bike bridges. They already have tenant interest for buildings on some of the development sites available. It could include two large headquarters relocations from other states to downtown Winston-Salem. This project is projected to bring 25,000 new office workers to downtown.

"Falls of Bath" Park Downtown:
The land that contains The Falls of Bath in Salem Gorge is now property of the IQ District downtown development team. It will become the centerpiece for a park on the southern end of Downtown Winston-Salem's IQ District. The 12 foot (3.7 meter) waterfall will be viewed from a new pedestrian & bike bridge, to be designed by a famous unnamed architect/designer, over the deep gorge, providing beautiful views of the falls! Not many cities have a waterfall in a gorge just 7 blocks south of their tallest skyscraper. This will likely become downtown Winston-Salem's most beautiful park and a great place to relax!

Winston-Salem's Falls of Bath (why didn't someone make a park out of this site before?)

Credit: Michael Breedlove

Sports Performance Center:
We finally have renderings of the Sports Performance Center!

Hilltop House South:
A look at the view from these new apartments in downtown Winston-Salem's historic Brookstown District. Yes, you are looking down at the city's cycle tracks below.

Source: L.M. Baker Development

You can see the new Childrens' Museum and One Salem Tower office building. The bridge is around 200 years old and was strengthened a few years ago.

Source: L.M. Baker Development

Is that One Salem Tower (above)? I love the tunnel that allows bicyclists to cycle under the building. Awesome! If you bike to work from Hilltop House South, you could use that tunnel every day. It has an entrance so workers in One Salem Tower can bike commute.

Link Apartments:
The largest residential development in downtown Winston-Salem's Village District. This is located across the street from the new ballpark.

Credit: Jason Thiel

Salt Flax House (Built in 1815):
Source: Journalnow

You know you're in Winston-Salem's development thread when you see houses around 200 years old being restored. The new owner of the Salt Flax House has applied to the local historic resources commission to do a full restoration, valued at $200,000. The house was originally a trading post in 1815. It became a house around 1850. Margaret Bullock bought the house and is paying for the restoration. She intends to make it her new home. Salt Street is part of the Old Salem National Landmark District in Lower Downtown. I think a famous poet was born on this street in the 1800s?

The Glade at West End:
I was trying to think... what is a project we haven't seen an update on at SSP? Then I found The Glade and did a search for it. I found this on the architect's website. This is an adaptive reuse project of a former YWCA into condos. Really awesome! I apologize for the small images.

Winston-Salem Cycling Classic:
The Winston-Salem Cycling Classic is back in downtown Winston-Salem on April 18-19. This is one of Winston-Salem's major league sports events. It is "one of the three biggest criterium bike races in America." There is also an 80 mile ride through Winston-Salem's wine country that is open to all cyclists! This is an international sports event, with teams from several countries. Last year's event had teams from Panama, Columbia, Belgium, Slovenia, and many more. With the popularity of cycling in Winston-Salem, they have a large amount of sponsor money and offer large purses. I seem to remember riders from Argentina last year said it was one of the highest paying events in cycling.
Source: Journalnow

I would love to photograph this event. It looks awesome!

Originally Posted by Camel City Dispatch
one of 16 coveted National Criterium Calendar (NCC) and one of 11 USA Crit Series professional road bike races in America. The event is also one of only nine National Racing Calendar (NRC) professional road bike races in America and one of only two UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) road races for women in the United States. Live music will again be a highlight of this year’s event on Saturday night on Trade Street near Finnigan’s Wake. Louisiana-based Better than Ezra will headline on Saturday night. Back again this year will be The Connells. “Last year’s Winston Salem Cycling Classic was a huge success. Almost immediately after the races, professional cyclists began contacting us about competing in the 2014 races,” Winston-Salem Cycling Classic race director Raymond Boden said. “Ours is a fully sanctioned road bike race that draws top ranked competitors from all over America and internationally. This year’s Winston-Salem Cycling Classic will be a much bigger event and will carry even greater prestige than last year’s races.” “We heard a lot of feedback from participants last year who said that the Winston-Salem races were the toughest in America,” Boden added. “They love the intense competition of our races and the downtown courses. As an indicator of how grueling the course is, last year’s road race started with 159 competitors, and only nine made it to the final lap.”
My Diagram.

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