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Did you know the National Center for Design Innovation is expandable? They expect usage to be so high, they will have to double it in size. This is planned into the design. That is awesome! I'm really excited to see the impact of this.


Next Generation Gigabit Network:
AT&T U-verse with GigaPower will start construction on a gigabit next generation network in Winston-Salem on April 22 (NEXT WEEK!). This is an all fiber ultra-high-speed network (fiber to the home). It's expected to be in use by the end of this year! If you live in Winston-Salem or if you're moving to Winston-Salem, this is exciting news. AT&T will also offer a free gigabit hotspot downtown as part of the project. This is both fiber to the home and wireless and the speeds are the same on both. The wireless uses the latest technology to penetrate deep into concrete and steel buildings. Yes, you could have free ultra high speed wireless internet if you move downtown. This is 10 times faster than what most people use. According to AT&T, you can download 25 songs in one second, a television show in 3 seconds and an online movie in less than 36 seconds! WOW! It's great to be a tech city, isn't it!

Look for another announcement soon by RST on offering gigabit speeds in Winston-Salem. Having two companies offering gigabit networks is even better news!

Flywheel is a new downtown co-working space started by three local technology and design companies. Flywheel will offer flexible short-term and long-term memberships, allowing access to both open and enclosed work spaces and support services 24 hours per day, seven days a week. The owners want to attract venture capitalist and intellectual property experts to help members as well. Flywheel is a knowledge-sharing environment, driven by innovation, and not just a place for people to work. Brad Bennett said “What we want is cross pollination… people looking to others to help them build. So you might have a graphic artist working with a programmer working with a clinical application to create a new idea.” The co-working innovation space will have a “knowledge concierge” staff person available to help members connect with professional services and will also arrange for networking and learning opportunities on a regular basis. Part of Flywheel's space will include a basketball court that can be converted into an auditorium for events that will be open to the community. Membership is limited to 300.

I like the bike storage on the wall!

Source: American City Business Journals

An indoor basketball court that can be converted to an auditorium? I love these tech company offices. Prices for memberships range from $20 for a day pass up to $1,500 per month for an enclosed office for a small company with multiple employees. These spaces fill-up fast, so reserve yours today. If you miss this opportunity, another innovation center will open in the Bailey Power Plant in late 2015.

This awesome atrium photograph was shared at WSTB. This building has two atriums, if I'm not mistaken? This is the atrium on the eastern side of the building. Yes, this is the same building Flywheel is located in.

Source: Foss & Company

SciWorks Downtown?
It appears as if they are interested in moving downtown. SciWorks will hold a fundraiser in the IQ District this year. We will see what happens with this story.

Fourth and Broad Office Building:
Completion is expected in September 2014. This is actually an amenities floor.


Bailey Power Plant:
Construction could start as soon as September? They will likely select the same San Diego based developer who is buying and renovating other historic industrial buildings in downtown's IQ District (Yes, BioMed Realty Trust), but they are listening to other developers. If you are a developer and you're interested in taking part, contact Cross Street Partners today! I'm guessing the same Baltimore architects will be selected as well? Their work is very impressive though. BioMed Realty seems an odd choice to build a massive entertainment center, but they really love downtown Winston-Salem. They are also paying for part of Bailey Park @ East End. BioMed Realty Trust could have another half-million square feet, in two buildings, under renovation by the end of the year? That is likely another quarter-billion-dollars in investment too? WOW!

Plant 64 Lofts:
Did you know downtown Winston-Salem has at least two old power plants. I think there may be as many as three or four old power plants downtown? Here (image below) is another power plant in the IQ District! It was built in 1922! It's worth noting: Plant 64's address is 545 Power Plant Circle. This power plant is located in the middle of their multi-building complex and it's an awesome building.

A look at one of downtown Winston-Salem's lesser known power plants:


I'm not sure if this power plant will become offices or apartments?


You can see the rooftop electrical structures on Plant 64 Lofts' Power Plant.


This space (photograph below) will become a pool and outdoor theatre!


These windows are beautiful! You can see the Bath Waterway, skyline, and the entire southern-half of the IQ District.


401 North Main Hotel:
In case you missed it, 401 N. Main was in blue last week for Autism Awareness Week in Winston-Salem.

Source: Public Radio WFDD 88.5

More Jobs:
A German company (Polyvlies) is leasing 66,000 square-feet in Winston-Salem. Only three employees will relocate to Winston-Salem from Germany. The others will be all new hires. No information on how you can apply?

Reanimator Records, Books, Music, Games, Art, & Beer:
This awesome store in downtown's IQ District is expanding and needs your help! Would you like to take part in a downtown construction project? This is your chance. You can donate as little as $5 to help this popular store expand their music, art, and beer offerings. Please give what you can to their effort!

Video Link

What We're Going to Do

With your donations we're going to:
- Outfit our gallery with a white wall and overhead lighting that does justice to the artwork on display.
- Purchase our own PA and other equipment that we need to host live music (microphones, cables, etc.).
- Purchase materials to build a bar and set ourselves up to provide beer on draft instead of only in bottles and cans.
- Build seating, storage and other furniture that's tailored to our limited space.

How do they fit all of this inside such a small space? Did you know Reanimator has their own skate (skateboard) team? We will track their progress in raising money for the expansion!

Cobblestone Farmers Market:
Ranked among the nation's top farmers markets, the Cobblestone Farmers Market is back. If you're new to downtown or moving to Winston-Salem, I thought you may want to know about this. I think they are at a new location, at Sixth and Trade streets (Mary's)? It appears as if construction in the IQ District has forced them to move away from the cobblestone street the market is named for. Maybe they will return to Fogle Street, when construction on the north sites are completed?

Flash-mob on 5th Street:
A flash-mob of barbershop singers blocked traffic on 5th Street, across from Small Batch Brewery, to sing loudly in the street on Saturday. I wanted to post a video, after discovering they had a drone video-recording the event, but sadly I couldn't find a good video. Keep Winston-Salem weird.

Winston-Salem Cycling Classic:
Winston-Salem is known as a sport cycling and tennis city and hosts "major league" events in those two sports that attract the best competitors from around the world. One of those events is this weekend! The Winston-Salem Cycling Classic is the nation's top competitive cycling event, according to USA Cycling. It attracts cycling teams from around the world to downtown Winston-Salem. Speeds can reach 60 mph (97 km/h)! If you love bicycles and sport cycling, this is your event! The excitement begins on Friday at 8:30 in the morning and continues into Saturday. The event will be broadcast on NBC Sports. This event is on my "must see" list!


Sourceigital Triad

Source: Cycling Illustrated
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