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Originally Posted by DTLAdenizen View Post
-Hellens tower (I really liked this one) fell apart
I liked that proj too but it seems to have been placed on hold, if not cancelled, cuz the devlpr ran into opposition from the local community about its modern design not conforming to the specs for broadway.

That reminds me of what happened to the original design of the AMP lofts proj in the arts dist a few yrs ago. What started off as a perfectly okay looking reminded me somewhat of cargo container crates stacked on top of each other artistically or a bit like pics I've seen of an apt proj built in montreal over 40 yrs ago for their world's fair .... was stopped & reworked due to ppl in the arts dist not approving of the design. The revised architectural work turned out to be much weaker than the design the activists forced the owner to redo.

outcomes like that one or the one on the hellens proj....along with situations like all the new residents in dtla who've flocked to GH palmer's tuscan wonders & allowed his apt projs to be the more successful ones added to dt.....are why I'm leery about putting too much time & fury into the architectural design of new devlpt. Taste is personal, so what I like, others may hate, and what I dislike, others may prefer.

That's why I stick to focusing on mainly the really obviously weak points of dtla, the disagreeable things that are very visible to more ppl than not.

this is a comment made by a well known architect working in LA during the 1960s who designed a home that was recently acquired by the county museum of art....

"When I first drove down Santa Monica Boulevard, it was so ugly I was physically sick for the first year I was here.” —John Lautner

^ I'll let others complain about new projs in dt not having better architectural design or proper urban layouts, while I'll stay focused on mainly the really bad things about dt, similar to what made Lautner so unhappy.

btw, this is the house he's more famous for....more frequently captured in photos than the house given this wk to the art museum.....

^ So some ppl will favor that as a place to live, others will favor something like this...

Originally Posted by Eightball View Post
Just saw 3 to 4 tables dining all fresco at Le Petit Paris (the seating which borders the park). Separately, we went for lunch there a few weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised with the crowd. Larger than I was expecting.
Good to know. I've seen reviews on yelp about that restaurant & some of them do make me worry about what will happen to it in the future. Le petit's owner, after investing big money into his place & for the sake of the revival of spring st, absolutely must succeed in the el dorado bldg. I'd hate to see what happened to figaro on broadway happen to any other ambitious restaurant trying to make a go of it on formerly desolate streets in dt.

I don't know why more of the forumers who live in dt as you do, or spend lots of time there, rarely post descriptions similar to yours of what dt is like in a certain location at a certain time. It helps give a better sense of the way things are going in the hood. In comparison, posts that are so generalized they could be slotted into a thread for another city or a thread about urbanism & design don't help give me a better feel for dtla.
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