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panhandling needs to be illegal

Originally Posted by Comrade View Post
I've tried calling the cops on kids putting up lemonade stands on sidewalks and have gotten nowhere.
I know you were just coming off as a stuck up jack ass with your comment, but it really just shows just how clueless you really are about the panhandlers vs homeless ( two different groups ) issue that we have here in not only downtown, but all of the valley.
First of all comparing kids at a lemonade stand to panhandlers has to be the worst comparison I have seen on here. Ever if you were just trying to be a smart ass it just shows just how ignorant you truly are on this subject.
Let me point out a big difference between the two....Kid at lemonade stands don't go buy drugs with their "lemonade money" afterwards. And at least the kids do more ( work wise ) than just simply making a bullshit sign begging for money.
In short the panhandlers here are nothing more than freeloader crooks just simple taking money so they either support their drug habits or they put the money in a bank account. This has already been proven by our local news when undercover stings have been done.
Any lazy ass can park their car at a nearby parking lot, wear worn down cloths and white a sign.
LOL it's cute that you believe they are really "homeless"
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