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Besides the arguments about the kids not buying drugs and actually working... they also don’t sell lemonade in the middle of North Temple right in front of 300 W. That is a very high traffic area and it is not really safe for somone to be standing in the road right there. I have perosonly almost been hit by cars on more then one occasion just from legally crossing North Temple at a crosswalk... every time by somone on a cell phone. So I would actually call the police on kids selling lemonade if there were doing it in the middle of North Temple.

Besides being dangerous it also backs up traffic and causes people to miss the turn light when people are stopped there to give money.

I’ve also noticed a few guys in their early 40s holding up Vietnam War Vet Signs. Considering the war ended in 1975 and they would have had to have been born no later then 1957 in order to be eligable for that war... I would say they should probably come up with somthing else. I also see the same people with different stories all the time... I’m going to start calling the police on them for fraud.

There are also laws against aggressive panhandling. I’ve been very lax on that but no more... I’m going to call the cops... I’ve gotten a few other people in the area to do this as well. The idea is to legitimately overwhelm they system with legitimate calls regarding panhandling until the city gets to the point where they feel that they have to address the issue.
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