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Originally Posted by Stenar View Post
What was someone saying about the lack of nightlife in SLC the other day?

"The once Mormon-dominated Salt Lake City is much gayer, and much cooler, than I ever expected."

For real: Salt Lake City is America’s super gay, super cool hipster haven
By Christopher Muther
JULY 14, 2017

Most of the info in this article has been going on here for decades, but the rest of the country is finally figuring that out.

Read it:
Share with with the whole Golden State Warriors team since they were the ones that came out and said...."Salt Lake has no nightlife"

"An ESPN report Monday said several of the team's stars are lamenting spending Game 3 on Saturday and Game 4 on Monday of the Western Conference Semifinals in Salt Lake City rather than meeting the Clippers in Los Angeles."

So, basically we ( salt lake ) needs to do a much better job and advertising our "nightlife" because there's still too many people who think Salt Lake is still living in the 1800's.
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