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Originally Posted by aquablue View Post
This is the worst offender amongst the complexes' myriad buildings. I hate the blocky base, looks like a kids lego project ( or an Institution) and the unyielding harsh facade. Value engineering is a pretty awful thing. This dude is just on par with stupid Larry with this kind of phillistine cost cutting. This is similar to what happened to wtc3. Do you remember how it was supposed to look? They squared the graceful curved tower off most likely to get more square footage and gave ny the short end of the stick with this comically redacted tower. Limestone doesn't save it, sorry mr. Ross. That's a cute marketing blurb that some idiots will lap up. Lucky for you the public doesn't care or is ignorant. Most likely the latter. I'm talking about the rich people buying in the tower. They know little about what makes good buildings look good.
Why don't you knock some other city? Your inferiority complex vis-à-vis NY is ridiculous. If you made incessant, negative posts like this in Chicago or Atlanta threads, you would have been banned long ago.
"Men will still say, 'This was their finest hour.'"

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