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It's one thing to be an advocate for rights and dignity of typically disadvantaged people (or what the hysterical wingnuts call "SJWs"), but to do it while also selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and expressing satisfaction at the election of a militant fascist in Brazil so we can violate their indigenous people and rape their land for profit?

Say what you want about Kathleen Wynne, but she was nowhere near as hypocritically vile and profit driven as Justin Trudeau has proven himself to be.

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So Trudeau is scared of facing Singh in parliament?
Of course not! He just doesn't feel it's appropriate for Burnaby South to have an MP any time soon. And sure, calling a by-election for one vacant seat but not another is something we've never seen done before, but Trudeau is groundbreaking! I mean, come on! It's 2018!
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