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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I think this is very important.

The left needs to pay attention to this.

Otherwise it leads us to stuff like Trump.
But this phenomenon works both ways. If you go from Trudeau and Wynne to Trump, where do we go after Trump? Who is even more of an SJW than Trudeau and Wynne? Politics oscillates from one side to the other and we're starting to oscillate pretty far from the centre at times. America is about to take a pretty hard swing to the left, and Canada will follow them eventually. If anything, the right should be pleased that Trudeau hasn't been as far left as he could have been; his current platform gives them the ability to say "See, we'll deliver these same policies, but without the social justice you despise!"

They wouldn't be able to make that case if he'd actually delivered things like electoral reform, pharmacare, free education, workers rights, a principled stand on human rights instead of profit driven exceptions to them, etc. Justin Trudeau is who Andrew Scheer would be if Andrew Scheer gave a fuck about women.
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