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Originally Posted by Dr Awesomesauce View Post
Trudeau and Wynne are clearly SJWs or, at the very least, playing a very dangerous social justice game. Case in point, their obsession with group identity, diversity, equity, etc.

That has impacted how some Canadians view the party and risks alienating voters as they cozy up to the radical fringe. And in doing this, I believe, he risks driving the party into the ground.

Hey, if Trudeau changes his tune and starts to act like an adult, then I'll come back into the fold. But right now he's not speaking to me or to millions of other centre-left types, so we're adrift looking for safe harbour elsewhere...
Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I think this is very important.

The left needs to pay attention to this.

Otherwise it leads us to stuff like Trump.
I fail to see how anybody in the federal government is "cozying up to a radical fringe". For serious. Those kind of comments actually confuse the hell out of me because I have no idea where they're coming from.
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