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Originally Posted by jnihiser View Post
I live on one of the terminating streets that backs up to this terminal. I've always thought that we should look to the redevelopment of the Howard Hughes Airport in LA as an example of how to redevelop this area.

The area is now called Playa Vista:,_Los_Angeles
Playa Vista is an interesting area. I was just in L.A. last month and visited this site as my company has an office here. It felt like a great area for day workers, but i'm not sure how fun it would be to live there. There are new luxury apartments around the mixed-used developments there with some generic retail, but it all felt very..transient, for lack of a better term. It didn't feel like a real neighborhood, just one designed to entertain people who didn't want to commit to living in the neighborhood for more than a year or two. And it was the least pedestrian friendly area of the city I've been to, which is saying a lot because it's L.A. I walked from one side of W Jefferson to the other to get into Whole Foods and couldn't figure out how to scale the parking deck to get into the actual store. It was absurd that the developers didn't plan for easy pedestrian access, highlighting the area's (and city at large) dependency on cars.
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