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Originally Posted by McBane View Post
I've said it before and it bears repeating that 8th and Market MUST have a major office component for it to be the large high rise we all want. Philadelphia doesn't get 700+ foot residential buildings - and if it were, certainly not at this location.

The East Market project at 11th and Market is great but I'd be really disappointed if something of that scale was built at Disneyhole. That site should be able to accommodate two, even maybe three 500+ footers. But again, unless a major commercial tenant is found, you're not going to be able to fill that much space with residential as the primary driver.

And a big part of maintaining Market East's viability as a commercial district rests on filling up the Aramark Tower or whatever they're calling it now. Has Jefferson filled that space? Is it now the Jefferson Tower?

I believe Jeff has or will fill all of the space vacated by Aramark. Not having an office component also fails to fully leverage the areas stellar transit connections. My ideal project has at least two towers with one office 500,000 sqft+ and one residential portion with apartments and a hotel connected by a retail podium. Basically, I want a smaller version of Liberty Place on this site.
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