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Originally Posted by Historic View Post
I commented on the main thread about this project, but it seems fishy to me. The developers, Terminus Development Group, don't really have too much information online when you Google them. They were formed as an LLC in 2018, and the CEO/co-founder's LinkedIn shows that his background is in food halls and he owns a mechanic shop. Not to say he can't branch out, but a project of this scale seems misaligned for a developer's first project.

I hope my cynicism is misplaced and that they prove me wrong, but I wouldn't get my hopes hope just yet for this one.
It doesn't necessarily mean anything. It's not uncommon for developers to form llc's for a particular project especially when there are multiple entities involved as would probably be the case in a development of that scale.

On the other hand, pretty pictures does not mean the project is about to happen, as we all know. We will have to learn more to see if this is a "real" proposal.
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