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I hope they don't go after 277 anytime soon, somehow I think it's a lot less likely a target than 270 Park Avenue or the Pfizer HQ.

What made 270 vulnerable was the fact that one company occupied and owned the entire building- since they are its sole occupant and owner, they can make a case for replacing it. In the case of 277 across the street, that's not the case, however. It's still owned by the company that built it back in 1964, and I suspect they're proud of it. It's also a building with a diverse assortment of tenants and a pretty solid occupancy rate. (It will be even better when Chase moves some of its displaced workers in).

Being a fan of that building, I've done some looking around, and it looks like it's very recently had upgrades to its mechanical system, among other things. When I was in NYC, the area adjoining its main lobby looked to be going through renovations too- One of the cleaning ladies I was talking to said that the building was getting some upgrades to make that lobby area even nicer. So I think (And hope!) that 277 is planning to stick around awhile longer.

I don't know as much about 245- if that one were mine, I might look at a reclad to give it a fresh new look. However I'm not surprised to see Pfizer on the list- like 270 Park Avenue, it's owned and occupied by one company as far as I know, which makes it a target for the same reason.
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