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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
I wouldn't say that for the vast majority of people, Quebec feels exactly the same to most people. It's more like a foreign-ish, French-influenced variant of the place you just left behind.
Sure, but that's a gradual change. Every single border area is more Anglo and more connected to either the US or Anglo Canada than the average for Quebec as a whole, while on the other side these areas are more francophone and more like Quebec than average/typical areas that are further away from the border.

Eventually you end up in Old Quebec City and it does feel exotic, but there's no special point on the drive (the one that Centropolis would do, which I've done probably 15 times when "trucking" stuff back home from Amarillo, but all the other points of entry I'm familiar with are also continuums) where you have an unambiguous cultural shock coming from having suddenly entered obviously foreign territory.
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