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Mukesh's new home is a Rs 400-cr hanging garden

Another article. More points:
• Glad to see my estimation of the height (42 stories) was about right. Judging by how builders count floors, the 42 stories may not count the podium, and hence may be a bit taller
• It will be a green building, literally as well, with greenery going all the way up to the 40th floor
• The top four floors are to be the Ambanis'. The rest will be residential
• The architect is US-based Perkins & Will. Armed with this new information, I've done some more digging. It seems Perkins and Will won a Distinguished Building Award 2006, an award "to recognize significant achievements in the planning, design and execution of recent building projects", for their design of the Reliance Group Headquarters Building in mumbai:

• I still can't find a damned better rendering of the Ambani tower.>(


Mukesh's new home is a Rs 400-cr hanging garden


NEW DELHI/MUMBAI: You may have only heard about ‘the Hanging Gardens of Babylon’; but you can actually see the new ‘Hanging Garden of Mumbai’ under construction, and at a blistering pace at that. We are talking about the future residence of Reliance group chairman Mukesh Ambani on South Mumbai’s Tony Altamount Road.

Mr Ambani is expected to shift to his new residence by the end of 2008, when the 40-storey building would be completed. “The construction work is on at full pace, two floors are being added every 10-12 days,” a source close to the development told ET. The project cost is estimated at around Rs 400 crore.

Even as the building plans have been kept under wraps, sources say that the Ambanis’ new residence will have little less than 1 lakh square feet of built-up area (the cost of one square floor of space on Altamount Road is stated to be around Rs 18,000-20,000 per sq foot) with facilities comparable to any five-star hotel.

The building will be green, literally so. The tower, when completed, will look like a vertical garden with creepers going all the way to the 40th floor reflecting Mr Ambani’s love for greenery. The top four floors are designated as the core family residence with there will be health club and swimming pool in the intervening floors.

The bottom six floors will be dedicated to parking. Similarly, separate floors are being planned for the kitchen, laundry and other services, sources said. The entire building will be covered by a Wi-Fi system. For rest and recreation, it will have a mini-auditorium where the Ambanis can watch movies along with friends. The tall building will have both indoor and outdoor swimming pools besides a gym, a library (study) and other facilities.

In every aspect, bar one, it will be a dream house for Mr Ambani. His dream of having a helipad on top of the building may not come true. The government is unlikely to give permission, sources said. While, the US-based Perkins & Wills is the architect, the building project is said to be executed by a Singapore-based firm which has been involved in Reliance’s various construction works.
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