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Originally Posted by Metro-One View Post
Is it fully grade separated? Metro.

Does it have road interactions? Not metro.
That's the simplest definition and the one I use.

Rapid Transit, though is categorized the same on Wikipedia, seems to be used by governments in a much broader sense to describe classic light rail and bus rapid transit.

Originally Posted by isaidso View Post
2.5 km is a good start. This is the capital. It should have a proper subway.
Including the St-Laurent Station and tunnel, we have about 3 kilometers of tunnel and 4 underground station. After stage 2, set to fully open by 2023, it adds about 4 kilometers of tunnel and at least 2 underground stations (we'll see once the winning bidder is announced and final concepts are revealed at the end of this year), for a total of 7/6.

A few station might eventually be covered in the future, such as Pimisi in LeBreton Flats, as part of the Ottawa Senator's new Ice District.
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