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It's the same here. So don't worry, it's not just New York. Of course the new apartment projects here are marketing themselves in a luxurious manner, but now everyone seems to think every apartment project is actually condos - they aren't. And the whining about losing some insignificant building to new apartments is here also. I saw a post on Facebook the other day where they were sad that an automotive garage was being torn down for new apartments. Some of them were sure that "they were forced out." Of course that wasn't the case, and someone mentioned that the owner had retired a few years ago, and the two sons chose to go into other industries. Ironically one of them chose to be a Realtor.

Anyway, of course new properties are going to market themselves in way that makes them seem luxurious - even if they aren't. No one is going to say the new property they're planning is second rate. And this isn't unique to the real estate industry either. The car industry is another example of a change in marketing strategy.

Anyway, I actually like this tower. I know some are poo pooing the top, but at least it's not flat. I actually think the building has a chance to become an icon.
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