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Originally Posted by gillynova View Post
Another month, another comparison between this year and last year's BART ridership! Basically, I want to see if there is a difference mainly in the extension of the Warm Springs location.
With some of the recent crime incidents and BART's defensive/passive attitude toward them, I now have second thoughts about riding BART that I never had before, especially in the East Bay.

There's no excuse IMHO for not having working cameras in all cars and completely covering all platforms, and there should be at least a pair of BART cops in all stations at all times the system is operating. I recently had some out-of-town visitors and I really worried about advising them to take BART (with luggage) from Oakland airport because the Coliseum Station has been a focal point of "incidents".

If BART doesn't respond more aggressively to this, it could significantly affect ridership.
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