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Originally Posted by tech12 View Post
Civic center, Powell, and the Mission District BART stations have just as much sketchiness going on as the sketchiest Oakland BART stations. Of course it's always good to be aware of your surroundings, and to keep your eyes peeled, but don't fall victim to media hysteria and go thinking that it's unsafe to ride BART in the east bay, while it's somehow perfectly fine in SF.
The SF stations you mention are in deplorable condition with homeless types laying around on the floor, panhandlers and sometimes a "demonstration" that completely shuts down the system. All that shouldn't be allowed and BART should be using it's private police force to stop. But I'm not aware of any mobs of teens or anyone else victimizing the vulnerable and stealing from them at these stations. Disgusting is one thing--these stations are that--dangerous is another.
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