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Originally Posted by tech12 View Post
I ride BART multiple times per week through Oakland, and have never had problems or seen anyone else have problems. I have seen some bad shit on muni recently though, and countless incidents over the two decades that i've been regularly riding it. Are you afraid of riding Muni? If not, you shouldn't feel bad about BART either. Muni has a lot of non-functional cameras too, for the record.

The real reason BART crime is always in the news right now is not because it's at epidemic levels or anything like that, but because there were a couple close-together high-profile incidents so it's a hot topic for the media (mob-style robberies, which FYI have also happened multiple times on Muni recently, but with less media attention). Also, Civic center, Powell, and the Mission District BART stations have just as much sketchiness going on as the sketchiest Oakland BART stations. Of course it's always good to be aware of your surroundings, and to keep your eyes peeled, but don't fall victim to media hysteria and go thinking that it's unsafe to ride BART in the east bay, while it's somehow perfectly fine in SF.
Well stated, and agreed. I have seen occurrences of similar incidents on Muni over the years. The media is definitely playing on the hype. We must also remember that Bart is, more or less, a centralized system, Meaning, if something goes wrong, it impacts the whole system, creating a lot more attention. Muni is all over the place. You should always be vigilant, and aware of your surroundings.
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