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Originally Posted by Migs View Post
it's incredible saddening that Canada threw in the towel
While I'm not against the mission per say as I oppose ISIS and all they stand for and would like nothing more than to see them crushed, let's be realistic here. The 'threat' of ISIS on a global and strategic level has been ridiculously over exaggerated.

Additionally, while I respect the skills and ability of our military, the small force we sent over would have a negligible impact on the outcome of the conflict. Really our token military involvement is more symbolic than anything else. Let the Russian, Syrians and other armed groups fight over that piece of dirt.

Originally Posted by Migs View Post
in the fight against a faction that conducts the worst atrocities imaginable.
You must live a very sheltered life, people commit brutal atrocities every day against one another in Western society and in this very country(505 homicides in 2013). The only difference is that they typically do it for their own individualistic reasons rather than a common cause and save for a few exceptions they don't generally go out of their way to publicize their actions. Imo whether you do it for a cause or for no reason at all, its just as barbaric all the same.

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