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Originally Posted by kool maudit View Post
My big concern with Trudeau is that he is a dynastic PM, and dynasties are a bad sign in democracies.
That is probably my very biggest concern, especially when combined with the fact that his "dynasty" has been particularly awful. It seems to be cause for worry here -- based on what I've seen so far -- that we'll again have the same kind of centralizing, arrogant federal government we've seen in the past. (As pointed out in the other Politics thread: I haven't yet seen voting numbers broken down for Francophone Québécois, but I expect us to have voted some ~75% against Trudeau. Yet they got a majority.)

If that happens, the effects on the provincial political landscape might be interesting. Federal Liberals of the past did a lot to fuel the sovereignty movement; it never gets high during times of a "friendly" federal government. (i.e. not prone to centralization, open to devolutions, not seen as a threat generally.)