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Originally Posted by mcbaby
I wonder if they have a plan in place in case of a tsunami.
I thought it was a perfectly sensible question, that deserves a perfectly sensible answer!

Although Dubai does suffer quakes from time to time, the developments there are constructed with this in consideration.....just like California and Japan do, to mention a few.

Although this area is seismicly active, Tsunami are only formed in deep sea subduction zones; and cause the most damage to those areas unprotected from ocean swell with steep sea-bed gradients toward shorelines which amplify the swell by the depth of quake origin to the height of the affected shoreline.

Dubai, is not considered a high risk for tsunami for generally lacking any of the above criteria.

However, never say never. If you notice that 'The World' archipelago is subtley defended from 'moderate swell' by its outer rings which are designed to deal with this phenomenon and channel it in the best way possible to protect the islands.

There was actualy a tsunami scare off the Dubai coast earlier this year because of a large quake who's epicentre was only 40kms west was said to have caused waves that where 2.5m high, which for most seaside resorts (like my own for example) is perfectly normal, and not an issue.

Only ignorance spread panic to those who don't understand the physics of such things and who's minds are brainwashed by watching too much television.

Dubai's seismic activity does pose a bigger threat to reclamed land like these islands and sand bars.
The effect of what is called 'liquifaction' can make the underground sand behave more like a liquid when subjected to large, short wave frequency tremors, which caused buidings, roads etc to sink into 'solid ground'.
I believe that Slugbelch has also mentioned this phenomina on page one of this thread.

But, if one looks at the worst case scenario and there's a local sea impact from let's say, a large explosion (Pyong Yang style) or large meteor impact for example, then yes, this area would be F.U.B.A.R.'d!

Mmm, now who's been watching too much television?

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