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great thread, just wanted to put my 2 cents in

I think it's pretty old, but the Dicovery Channel did a show on the Dubai Islands, namely the palm one. It was under the show extreme engineering i believe. It answers a bunch of questions regarding the things they did to earthquake proofing the islands, building a wall against waves/tsunamies and such. It was pretty cool. The amount of sand/rocks they moved was amazing.

In one of the later scenes, the top project engineering had to to to the quarry to renogotiate the amount of rocks they were getting becuase they were running low. They had about 500 trucks 24/7 going to/from the rock quarry.

Other amazing stuff was the sand dredger that they used shoot top soil onto the islands. All in all. Nice stuff pictures. I've beening looking around to see what the status of the project was. On the main website they stop at Jan 2006.
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