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Originally Posted by YYCguys View Post
The author(s) of the “savelakeview” website suggest a solution for access to the casino could be via a “slip road” off of Glenmore Trail and the existing casino access would be closed whilst keeping the round about for pure access to Lakeview.

What is a “slip road” and do you think their solutions are feasible at this point?
Beyond the fact that this 'solution' does less than the current plan, it also does it much worse. I believe there is no room between Sarcee and 37th street to allow for any other kind of access. There would be weaving problems if you had people coming off of some slip road and weaving with those looking to exit onto 37th street.

It all comes across as poorly thought-out, possibly dangerous, and certainly a snub to the Nation

And that's possibly a bigger practical problem with their plan for maintaining Lakeview's access at 37th street; it cuts off access to the reserve. Access to the reserve at 37th street is specifically noted in the Province's ring road agreement with the Nation, and forms a binding obligation. If that access is not maintained, then the ENTIRE ring road corridor is forfeited by the province, and is returned to the Nation.

Everything about this anonymous group comes across as nothing more than self-interest.
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