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Originally Posted by daviderik View Post
Walnut Capital expected to get go-ahead to build nine-story building at Bakery Square

Great News!
Full text:

Walnut Capital Partners is expected to reach an agreement with the Pittsburgh Zoning Board of Adjustment and the administration of Mayor Bill Peduto to allow the development firm to build a nine-story building at Bakery Square 2.0, according to a planning official.

The company presented a newly revised design for a nine-story building to the Pittsburgh Planning Commission after Walnut Capital’s previous nine-story project was rejected by the ZBA in April over variances for a height of 149 feet and for floor-area ratio.

Walnut Capital has since appealed the ZBA decision to the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas.

In introducing the firm’s revised project before the planning commission, Corey Layman, zoning administrator for the city, noted Walnut Capital has been in negotiations with the city and the ZBA and that he expected a final consent order later this week to allow a nine story building.

Walnut Capital presented a proposal that’s reduced the overall height from 149 feet to 129 while keeping the same floor count, also terracing the top floors back further from the original building edge.

Walnut Capital proposes to build a nine-story project of more than 328,000 square feet for a building roughly estimated to cost $30 million, according to agenda materials. Walnut Capital also proposes to build a new $20 million parking garage of more than seven stories with spaces for 794 cars to serve Bakery Square on a site on the Larimer side of the development on Dehlam Place.

The garage is expected to help serve in conjunction with a new multi-modal station under consideration for a neighboring site.

Walnut Capital Partner principal Todd Reidbord described the garage and new building as final pieces to the puzzle of the overall Bakery Square development.

The parking garage is expected to provide spaces to be used by employees of the new office building. Cindy Jampole, a principal of Trans Associates, who performed a transportation study for the development, told the commission that city code required 520 parking spaces for the new garage.

Reidbord said the two projects are “fully consistent with the master plan approved” for Bakery Square in 2012 and 2013.

Walnut Capital is expected to land Philips Respironics for a new regional headquarters in the new office building of upwards of 200,000 square feet, according to various sources.
Not much more than was already discussed in terms of details.

Note that the new garage is solely going to be on the parcel taken up by the long skinny parking lot here. I had wondered if perhaps they bought out one or both of the two property owners off of Dahlem Place, but it appears not.
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