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Originally Posted by lio45 View Post
My personal opinion is that the third link is not needed (I actually agreed with that idiotic QS MP's analogy, with the colorful image of the sniffed line of coke), ESPECIALLY not if we're going for the Eastern options.

(Imagine the possible results of having a new direct freeway connection from the downtown of the metro area, to this - the exit that's in the middle of this view, Route Lallemand / Chemin St-Roch.)

The CAQ promised it, we'll see what happens.

Personally, as I mentioned already but probably not in this thread, my favorite option by far would be to just increase the frequency of the downtown ferry crossing, and maybe decrease the cost too.

The bridges are somewhat inconveniently-located from a downtown Lévis POV (as well as, obviously, from a Bas-St-Laurent/Gaspésie POV, and from a Tourist From Atlantic Canada POV) but from a Quebec City POV it's kind of okay - anyone going anywhere that matters pretty much always goes southwest and from what I recall the two bridges aren't really much more of a choke point than the rest of the freeway system.

But it was not that common - that we had to cross - to be an annoyance during the times I lived there. The worst case by far were those times we went from our place in Vieux-Lauzon to my uncle's place on the southern side of Orleans Island. The two options were either to just swim across, or to drive nearly an hour to do a loop that's 300+ degrees from point A to point B (out of 360 for a full circle). (If you're curious, just Google Map the route from the Davie Shipyard to Ste-Pétronille.)

However that's not much reason to justify a new bridge or tunnel...
Oh I forgot to mention, I finally created a Highway thread in the Quebec subforum too:
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