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This week has been providing some really nice misty mornings with golden sunrises over Metro Vancouver.

Skyscrapers often produce an upward draft alongside them, which is visible in this photo of the Sovereign. For this reason it is not uncommon to have mosquitoes even on the penthouse level during summer.

Morning fog begins to vanish with the approaching sunrise.

Trust me, Richmond is somewhere down there.

Marine Gateway complex reappearing from the fog.

Fog and mist are a very common sight over East Richmond fields during autumn and winter. They make for a scenery which is like a painting.

Golden sunrise

Alex Fraser Bridge is getting ready for yet another morning rush hour.

Port Mann Bridge takes commuters above the clouds.

Surrey Central skyline is ready for a new day.

And here comes the sun!

It is great start to one's day to get to wake up to such a sight.
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